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Regent Association Services recognizes that all association management companies offer similar services and make similar claims.  We also recognize that you have many choices in management companies.  Therefore, we must provide you with a community association management experience that is neither routine, nor generic.  To make difference, we must add value, which is why we have made a commitment to continually evolve to address the ever changing and unique needs of our clients, and the challenges of the industry as a whole.  We must listen to your needs and be flexible, technologically astute and legislatively knowledgeable, which then allows us to deliver a product and service that enables your community association to function at its highest level.

Homeowner Associations exist to help foster a sense of community and protect an owner's biggest asset, their property.  Association Board members are volunteers that serve to lead the community in furtherance of protecting and preserving the real estate values and long term financial strength of the Association.  As your association management company, Regent acts as your fiduciary, providing the necessary guidance, education, and industry knowledge to support the Board and owners in creating and maintaining a thriving community association environment, which enhances the overall ownership experience.  


In today's business climate, interaction is primarily electronic and impersonal.  At Regent, we pride ourselves on delivering a personal service experience.  We enjoy knowing our customers, listening to their needs, and developing a solid management plan with measurable results. We place great emphasis on open communication through newsletters, an information rich website, and updates via text or email.  Together, information and education give our clients a foundation on which to build a positive ownership experience.  


At Regent, we believe Orange County is our heritage; it is where we live, work, and play.  As such, we have a strong desire to be a shepherd in maintaining its beauty and enhancing the value and experience of living in Orange County.  What better way to do this than by partnering with our associations in protecting and preserving the communities we serve?  An Association, working together with a proactive management team is……..Moving Communities Forward. 

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Community Associations

Monthly Homeowner assessment invoices are prepared and sent via regular mail or electronically as an e-statement. Account balances, special assessments, fines and other charges are clearly identified in real time and viewable 24/7. Emergency Service – A dedicated staff answers your calls 24/7, 365 days a year. Board Meeting Guidance – Our management experts provide support and guidance to guarantee productive and time-efficient board meetings

Commercial Management

A professional association manager is assigned to each commercial development and works under the direction of the Board of Directors. Commercial property vacancy rates and rental income is greatly influenced by the condition, aesthetics and operational use of a commercial association. Site inspections, occupancy, and compliance.

Monthly Financial Statement Preparations – We create fully customized statements to meet your Association’s individual needs. Record Keeping Services – We generate accurate financial records that give auditors the information necessary to conduct annual audits and prepare tax returns 

Community Association Managers

We've Come a Long Way

Premiere Association Management since 1966

At Regent, we recognize the primary reason a community association hires a HOA management company is to get things done. From Invoicing to maintenance, managing and paying vendors, community associations require a management firm to professionally represent their interests in a timely manner. Contact Regent and find out how your community can benefit from our fifty plus years of experience representing community associations.

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What People are Saying

"To Regent Association Services…”I just wanted you to know that the gentleman who was covering your emergencies on Sunday was extremely helpful to me when I called with a plumbing emergency"

Lori Simon


"Outstanding job; particularly for our board. While the members are all well intentioned it’s been a very busy period with much cleanup work from the past and one foreclosure and eviction case and more of the routine. Nick is calm, professional and impartial"

Mahmood Rezai

 Board Member

"I have been working with Regent Association Services for over 17 years.  We always receive prompt and professional service that is well above our expectations.  It is the personal service that they provide that sets them apart from the rest.  Thanks again for all you do for our company"

Paul J. Litner/Escrow Manager  Kelley Escrow Corporation

Regent Association Services

Specializing in Homeowners and Community Management since 1966 


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