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Escrow Services

Regent has partnered with ​to process property transfers. To process an Escrow Demand - click on the HomewiseDocs logo to get started. The Regent Escrow department is always here to assist should you have any questions! Call us at 714-634-0611 ext. 213 or email at is a simple to use electronic platform to obtain information you may need about the association where you live. Sign up and use your account to pull CCRs, Budgets, Reserve Studies, you name it. The system enables you to request the information you need from the convenience of your home, office or from the road at any time day or night.

HOA Escrow Simplified


It is vital that each Association adhere to the collections policy set forth in their governing documents. While there can be extenuating circumstances concerning a homeowner’s delinquency, the Board of Directors should remain consistent and deliberate in they’re actions. 

Continuous Monitoring - Our in-house collections department continuously monitors the delinquencies within an Association and takes prompt action to ensure that each Association collects as much as possible on past due assessments.


An effective collections effort involves the community manager, the collection department and legal representation. From working with homeowners on payment plan agreements to filing the necessary liens or small claims actions on delinquent accounts, we employ a team approach.  Maximizing collections while minimizing an Association’s legal expenditures is our primary objective.

Please contact our Collections Department if you have any inquiries or issues at 714-634-0611 ext 213 or email us at

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